Meet Skip The Dog!

Skip the Dog is a merry little guy who loves it when people skip online video ads. Why? Because when people skip video ads, they have more time to play with him - and Skip knows that a life full of play is important - for both dogs and humans.

Born and raised here in Denver, Colorado, Skip is a Miniature Schnauzer, adopted from the Boulder Humane Society. He was the youngest of a litter of six puppies, so he had to rely on his smarts and charm to become the pack leader. Skip's all of 20 pounds, but he's a tough little guy who enjoys playing with big dogs, showing them he can hold his own at the dog park.

Between playing and napping, Skip enjoys watching online videos. Say what? No really, he does! His favorite videos to watch online are cat bloopers, America's Next Top Model: Canine Edition and ESPN Dog Center. But what Skip doesn't like watching are those pesky online video advertisements. The last thing a sprightly Miniature Schnauzer like Skip wants to do is sit through 30- or 60-second video ads. He wants to get to his funny cat video as soon as possible so that he can get back to playing!

At the SkipIt Obedience School for Bearded Dogs, Skip learned many tricks including how to click the SkipIt invitation on unwanted video ads, earn free skips and add money to the digital wallet in his SkipIt account. After only a few months in school, Skip is now the SkipIt mascot, and his job is to help folks understand SkipIt and how skipping ads can be fair to all involved. Along with his animated personality (that he will always retain no matter how many hours of training Otto pushed him through), his skills acquired from obedience school have fully prepared him to help you through SkipIt.

Make-It-Yourself Desktop Skip!@SkipIt

We hope you'll love our bearded friend as much as we do. Annnd... check out this awesome make-it-yourself desktop Skip! Maybe having Skip on your desk will remind you of your or a friend's dog. And Skip will always take a break from playing to help answer your questions about ad skipping. All you need to do is ask. Tweet a picture of your constructed desktop version of Skip and mention @SkipIt. We'll make sure to retweet your tweet.

Here's what a fully assembled Skip looks like

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