Buy AdTrap Or Skip Years Worth Of Video Ads With SkipIt

The presence of online video advertisements is increasing at a pace similar to the growth of actual online video content. As a consumer you may ask, “What is the best way to skip ads?” Or, “How can I be sure I that I’m using the most efficient and user friendly ad skipping product?” We guarantee that SkipIt provides our consumers with ease, equality, and comfort in knowing that they’re utilizing the best ad skipping product on the market. Our ultimate goal is consumers first, while ensuring fair representation for our advertisers and publishers.

Not only does SkipIt offer ways to earn free skips to keep the skipping experience as inexpensive as possible, but unlike AdTrap it guarantees payment to website publishers. Also, advertisers are not charged by publishers for the ads that are skipped by SkipIt users. With SkipIt, everyone wins; especially our customers. We’ve already stressed the adverse effects of AdBlock Plus on the online advertising movement compared to SkipIt, so what makes AdTrap different?

The new device recently introduced into the world of ad skipping, AdTrap, is said to “remove ads from your internet connection before they reach any of your home devices.” For $139.00 consumers can purchase this product, and supposedly block all online video advertisements from disrupting desired content. But what about the marketing impact to advertisers and publishers? Many websites and companies who engage consumers online rely on the use of advertisements to generate revenue and income. Consumers need to be wary about utilizing such a product. If there is no way for companies to reach the public with advertisements, income generating tactics such as paywalls to websites may become necessary to reimburse website owners for losses associated with AdTrap.

At $139.00, users of SkipIt are able to skip nearly 1400 ads. According to our numbers, with an average of 50 ads skipped by users per month, consumers could skip ads with SkipIt for over two years before the AdTrap device would pay off. Help us help everyone involved with online advertisements. Sign up for SkipIt today, and engage in the best way to skip video advertisements online. With SkipIt, everyone wins.

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  • Charles Reply

    Why would anybody want to see some advertising that they dont want any of? Why would everybody use skipit? Wouldn’t the advertisers just relax on the number of ads and create the same effect?

    • mjoan Reply


      Here at SkipIt we recognize that the amount of advertising on online videos can be overwhelming to internet users. This fact alone is one of the very reason SkipIt exists. Since we cannot control the amount of advertisements being published, we are interested in benefiting all players including advertisers, publishers, and consumers. By signing up for SkipIt, it helps advertisers and publishers understand which ads are not beneficial, as well as which ads consumers are skipping. We recommend giving SkipIt a try. It’s quick and easy to sign up, and you get 5 free skips during your free trial! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

      With SkipIt love,