All Things D: Want to Skip a Pre-Roll Ad on Your Free Video? Pay Up.

Peter Kafka shares his opinion on whether or not our new service, SkipIt, will be a success with consumers.  His point is fair and we don’t know how much consumers are willing to pay to skip video ads.  But we do know that there’s an industry shift underway and consumers are sending a strong signal that they don’t like being forced to watch video ads.  This is proven with abandonment rates averaging between 16-37%.  We created SkipIt to help address this problem and to strike a balance between consumers, publishers and advertisers.

From the article:  ”If you’re the kind of person who complains about “pre-roll” video ads, now you can put your money where your mouth is. Pay up, and you won’t have to see them.  That’s the pitch for SkipIt, a new service from video ad company SpotXchange. The idea: Users set up an account, and when they play videos on sites that use the service, they can pay 10 cents a pop to skip over the ads.  Continue…


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