About SkipIt

We Love Video Ads...So What the Heck?

SkipIt, powered by SpotXchange, was created to let you watch the video ads you want and skip the ones you don't for just a dime at a time. Finally, we all have a choice online!

Yep, we're in the video advertising business and we have been serving video ads for years. But we're consumers too, and we're just like you -- there are times we want to watch video ads and be entertained, and there are times we want to skip them, and get right to our content.

Like you, we know that advertising helps keep content mostly free on the Internet, and websites have to make a living too, as they continually bring fresh content to the online world. Advertisers pay those websites to reach their target consumers and to help keep online content low cost or free for us.

So how do we level the playing field? That's where SkipIt comes in. We think consumers should have a choice to watch or skip, websites should be able to offer great content and the choice to skip, and advertisers shouldn't have to pay for folks that skipped their ads. Everyone wins.

Contact Us

SkipIt (a service from SpotXchange, Inc.)

11030 CirclePoint Road, Suite 350
Denver, CO 80020

Phone: (888) 910-6650

Consumers: help@skipit.com

Publishers: pubhelp@skipit.com

Advertisers: info@skipit.com

Media: pr@skipit.com

Other: info@skipit.com

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